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The Non-See-Through White Top is Finally Here!

We travelled the world in our quest for the perfect non-see-through white top. After years of experimenting with close to a dozen samples, we finally found a winner - 100% cotton, completely opaque, and super comfortable. It's destined to be your next closet staple!

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The Watercolor Classic Collection

The Perfect Top Didn't Exist, So We Created It.

  • Cling-free and flattering drape

  • Top-quality, eco-friendly fabric

  • No shell required

  • Wash and wear tested

Designed for You

At Rose and Harry’s, we put tons of effort not only into how our tops look, but also how they fit and feel on the body. 

We make sure that the fabric is super comfortable, doesn’t cling, and makes women of all sizes look great. 

And as for our prints – which we spend months tweaking and perfecting – it’s not just about the gorgeous designs, but also the little things: like angling the stripes diagonally, which looks extra flattering, and reducing the amount of white space in the background, which gets rid of any show-through. 

And did we mention that we also rigorously test how our tops wash?  We make sure to check all the boxes for your perfect top, so you can feel modest, comfortable, and beautiful every day.

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"I LOVE Rose & Harry tops...after buying, wearing, and washing one, I’ve already bought a second. They are now hands down my favorite tops!!"

Bracha, Queens, NY

"Amazing! sleeves are perfect length, it's comfy, not clingy. thank you!"


"This tee is very soft, and the drape is really nice. It compliments without being tight or too clingy. A basic."

Chaya N.

"Love these t-shirts! The only ones I will buy in the future. Fabric is so soft you don’t want to take it off, beautiful fit and washes really well."

Mindy Z