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The Original Classic Top is Back!

The Perfect Top Didn't Exist, So We Created It.

  • Cling-free and buttery-soft.

  • No shell required.

  • Flattering on every body type.

Designed for You

After trying on loads of modest tops, we at Rose & Harry's headquarters came to the conclusion that finding the perfect tznius top is a lot harder than it should be!

Styles that clung, necklines that were too wide, fabric that was too hot.. we've seen it all! So we spent years perfecting a shirt design that would make women in all sizes feel modest, comfortable, and beautiful every day.

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Best-Selling Tops


"I LOVE Rose & Harry tops...after buying, wearing, and washing one, I’ve already bought a second. They are now hands down my favorite tops!!"

Bracha, Queens, NY

"Amazing! sleeves are perfect length, it's comfy, not clingy. thank you!"


"This tee is very soft, and the drape is really nice. It compliments without being tight or too clingy. A basic."

Chaya N.

"Love these t-shirts! The only ones I will buy in the future. Fabric is so soft you don’t want to take it off, beautiful fit and washes really well."

Mindy Z