About Us

Rose and Harry Kaplan, our grandparents, worked with fabric like it was an art form. They discussed textiles at the dinner table the way other families discuss politics. At their upholstery shop in Queens in the 1950s, they had an eye for fabrics that were top-quality, durable, and most importantly – comfortable.

At Rose & Harry’s, we know that you want to feel modest, comfortable, and beautiful every day. You need clothes that drape beautifully, feel great on your skin, and don’t attract attention in the wrong places. The problem is, most tops out there are too tight, have loose necklines, or are made from synthetic, non-breathable fabrics. You feel like you can’t have everything you want in a shirt. Maybe you just stick to always wearing two layers, even in the middle of the summer.

At Rose & Harry’s, we believe that you should be able to wear one-layer tops that are tznius, flattering, and comfortable. That’s why we’ve been working for years to find the perfect fabric and cut to meet your needs. So buy a shirt from our collection, try it on, and feel modest, comfortable, and beautiful every single day.