Our Quest to Find the Perfect Non-See-Through White Tee

We’re on a mission: to make a completely non-see-through tznius white t-shirt.  It’s a lot harder than you would think.  We've been scouting fabrics from across the globe, researching different fabric weaves, like interlock and double-layer fabrics, and trying to find one that is both opaque and not stifling for summer.  It feels like Mission Impossible.  We had a really exciting moment when we found a non-see-through white tee online that we loved, but trying to match the fabric exactly has not been as easy as we thought it would be. 


We’ve had some funny moments too, like when one fabric mill rep said:

“I guarantee you lady, this fabric is totally transparent!”

“Uh… do you mean opaque?”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I meant!”


So, are we there yet?

Finding a fabric that meets our worry-free opaque standard is like finding a short check-out line in the supermarket on erev Succos! But good news: we've got some promising samples that we're currently testing in everyday wear situations. We will keep you posted.  Enjoying the journey together with you!


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